Taking Exams

Law school courses typically end with an exam which covers enough information to make anyone nervous, but these exams should not be feared as long as you attended class, studied the cases provided, and developed a course outline.

These exam essays will provide you with a fact pattern which will contain numerous characters, events, statements, and /or dates which tell a story. As long as you have studied adequately, the legal issues taught by your professor should be apparent enough for you to outline a rough answer during your first or second reading of the question.

By following the methods provided in the following articles (or building your own method), roughing that outline and then turning it into a polished answer will become easier with every exam you take, which is the point of law school: to prepare you for the essays on your state's bar exam, and ultimately, to prepare you for the fact patterns provided by your client's case.


At this time, we are only covering exam essay questions, but in the near future, a section for multiple choice questions will be added.