Essay Writing Basics

Getting good scores on law school exams, and the bar exam itself, is easier than you may think. 

By understanding just a few concepts, the task of preparing for and taking exams will become easier every time; culminating in a much lower stress level when it comes time to take the bar exam. The sooner you master the exam taking process, the sooner you will finally be thinking and working like a lawyer; the desired result of law school.

There are only three things that you need to master in order to breeze through exam essays and bar exam questions; preparations before the exam, preparations during the exam, and the final step of writing your answer.

Before The Exam

Long before taking your fist law school exam or the bar exam itself, you need to begin learning and perfecting the art of legal writing. Without preparing yourself with these basic lawyering skills, your exams will be much more difficult than they ever should be. Read More

During The Exam

Be patient, even once the exam begins, there is still quite a bit of preparation left to do. It is critical that you resist the urge to begin writing immediately, otherwise you will lose points and produce a lower quality answer than what you are capable of. Read More

Writing The Essay

If you have fully prepared, prior to and during the exam, the final step of writing the answer should come fairly easy. But, you still must focus on clearly applying the rules and facts to the issues at hand so sat to clearly state your conclusion, and earn the most points possible. Read More